Tips in Helping you Choose the Ideal Hotel in London

For you to enjoy your time in London, it is important to get the right kind of accommodation. Your budget reasons for a visit, as well as the level of comfort desired, are all factors that should be considered when booking an ideal hotel. There are several London hotels that can suit your needs just fine. Ranging from the highly luxurious types to the more modest ones, you can never miss something that assures you of comfort away from home!

Here are some things to bear in mind when picking out the best hotels in London to stay at:

  1. The places you need to visit.

London is a big city and determining the areas you are interested in would help you select a hotel that is strategically located. If you are in London for a game, accommodation near the Wembley Stadium would be ideal. If your business travel would be based in Central London, then you need to seek a hotel in Mayfair. This, in time, would save you a lot of time and even transportation costs.

  1. The budget you have spared for accommodation.

You can get a decent, yet cheap hotel London accommodation or a luxurious and high-priced one, depending on your needs. There are B&B’s, motels, apartments, and villas – all catering to any London visitor. Knowing your accommodation budget would help you to conveniently secure a hotel that offers complementary services before your travel.

  1. Book a hotel according to the number of people in your travelling party.

You can actually save a lot of money by going for accommodations intended for large groups of people if you are travelling with one. Motels and B&B’s may not give much luxury and privacy, but are good for low-budget group travels.

If you are going on vacation with your family, look out for a cheap hotel London that has provisions for family rooms. However, you ought to remember that some of the best hotels in London do not accept pets in their premises.

  1. Be keen on the services/provisions available at the hotel.

If communication is important to you, look for telephone availability, as well as internet connectivity provisions. These may not always be provided, especially when you are keen on finding a low-cost hotel.

  1. Secure your hotel room in time to avoid last minute rushes.

As much as there are numerous London hotels, not all of them suit your preferences. Therefore, it implies that you need to find your ideal kind of accommodation and book it ahead of time. At, you get to have more information on the accommodation options available and guidance in doing online bookings.

  1. Consider the ambience of the hotel’s surroundings.

If you do not mind the bustle of a city centre, then you can go for hotels where all the action is centered. If you desire a more laidback stay with the most tranquility possible, choose London hotels that are located in quiet environments.

Enjoy your stay in Florida with National Hotel Miami

Miami, the Florida city with many facets… Known for its culture, art, trade, finance, commerce and entertainment, Miami promises something to everyone. Miami is a perfect place for a family holiday with its wide offerings from beaches to museums and a world renowned Zoo. So whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, when visiting Miami, make your experience a special one by staying at National Hotel Miami.

National Hotel Miami situated at the South Beach will entice you with its Art Deco historical feel. All 151 rooms are non smoking and are categorized as Standard Room, Double Room and Poolside Cabana. You can choose the city or ocean view for the Standard and Double rooms. Room Facilities include, internet at a small charge, LCD TV, well stocked Mini Bar, toiletries, bathroom slippers and bathrobe amongst other facilities.

The hotel offers a range of facilities to all its guests:

  • 2 restaurants, a pool side bar, Coffee shops and lounges are available to let you relax and enjoy yourselves.
  • Hotel also offers a health club and swimming pools for rejuvenation and relaxation. National Hotel Miami’s pool is listed among the best 10 pools in the US in the Fodor’s list.
  • Business travelers can avail the facilities of dedicated business centre, multiple conference and meeting rooms with full technical support from the hotel.
  • Tourists can seek assistance for Currency exchange, Tour & Travel arrangements etc from the hotel.
  • The hotel provides catering for big events like weddings, parties etc as well
  • As the hotel is located at one of the busiest neighborhoods of South Beach, the guests can enjoy an easy access to various activities in and around the hotel; motorized watercraft, surfing, bike riding, bowling, fishing, golf, Pilates, yoga, tennis etc.
  • Guests with special needs can enjoy their stay with National Hotel Miami, fully equipped to their needs.

Miami’s top attractions are mostly located close to the hotel. You can find activities and places to your interest easily. Miami offers scenic beaches to enjoy the sun, water adventures, History and Museums, Animal adventures, night life, hiking and adventures, Spas and therapies for rejuvenation and recreation and many other things for all visitors. The list includes Deco District, South Beach, Everglades National Park, Zoo Miami, Seaquarium, Miami Beaches, Miami Museum of Science, Miami Children’s Museum, Jungle Island and Coral Castle. There are much more for those who love to explore the entire city.

Originally developed from a Mangrove swamp, and now one of the cleanest cities in the world, Miami is house to over 800 parks, with the only Everglades Ecosystem existent, a major art hub and the biggest cruise ship port. This extremely popular tourist destination is inviting and known for its life.  Miami weather is its biggest attraction to the tourists. With tropical climate, it is never too cool and it rains before it gets too hot. In winters the temperature ranges from 10-25 degrees Celsius. And summers are accompanied by higher temperatures, rains and thunderstorms. Miami is also prone to hurricanes in rainy season. So while packing, keep the above in mind.

Book National Hotel Miami now and enjoy your vacation or business trip to this wonderful city to the fullest!!

Advantages of Using a Travel Sim Card

If you are a frequent traveler, one thing that you would often miss is contact with your family friends, especially when you are flying overseas. It is true that with the advancement in technology, there are numerous ways in which you can get in touch with your loved ones like, Skype, email or chatting, but in reality, nothing can replace the excitement of telephone conversations. The moment you hear the voice of your loved ones, you will feel happy and that feeling cannot be replaced by any modern methods of communication. In this case, a travel sim card is your best companion when you are away from home on a trip.

You may be thinking that if you activate roaming on your local sim card then you can easily get in touch with your people. However, the truth is that when you use an international travel sim card, you get a lot of advantages that are not available with your local sim card. Below are few of the many advantages of using travel sim cards:

1. Huge Savings

If you use travel sim cards,  you can make huge savings as the call rates of international sim cards are generally reduced compared to a local sim card. You can make the same international call at only $200 compared to the $800 cost when you use a local sim card. You could save approximately $500 just by using a travel sim card.

2. Single Number 

If you travel from one country to another, then nothing can be better than these sim cards. With a travel sim card, you can keep the same number while travelling from one country to another. Thus, you do not have to face the hassle of changing the number again and again, whenever you move from one country to another. Moreover, you will not have to inform everyone on your contact list of your new number when you travel to another country. Using the same number for all countries you visit is a much-welcomed convenience.

3. Free Incoming 

Another advantage that you get using these sim cards is that you have to pay only for outgoing calls. Most operators allow you to receive incoming calls for free. Thus, you do not have to worry even if you do not have enough credit! You can get in touch with everybody as incoming calls are free.

With the many advantages of using a travel sim card, it becomes easier for people to purchase one whenever they need to travel. You may even get one today to get in touch with your friends and at the same time save on cost. You can use your savings to buy souvenirs for your family instead of wasting your hard-earned money for international calls. Make sure though to ask the seller if the sim card you want to purchase can be used in every part of the world or only to select countries. Moreover, when you change your sim card, make sure to save all important contact information to avoid losing in touch with people you care about.

Travel Agent Consultant Courses at the Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College

The Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College is one of the most reputable travel and tourism colleges in Australia, having been in the industry for over three decades. The family business was founded in 1978 by the Bill Healy family and has over the years produced some top quality talent for the Australian and global travel market. Bill Healy worked as a Malaysian Airlines manager in Australia before launching the college afterwards. Maree Healy was a British Airways manager, while Ross Healy has worked with the Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College for over 25 years.  The college offers a very broad range of courses such as Galileo E-Learning, Travel and Tourism courses, Amadeus e-learning courses, Travel Agent Consultant courses, and Travel insurance Sales courses, among others. The college has a very solid ground in the dispensation and management of travel consultant courses with founders and staff who have extensive experience in the industry.

Students who graduate from the Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College usually move on to very productive and prestigious careers in some of the most notable companies in Australia and around the world. Some 98% of the travel tourism school’s graduates have been able to secure employment in high-ranking positions. Some of the leading companies which have absorbed the Bill Healy graduates include Qantas, Qantas Holidays, Malaysia Airlines, The Brisbane Airport in Queensland Australia, Virgin Blue Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Harvey World Travel, Sta Travel Student Flights, and Rail Plus.

Our graduates have little problem securing jobs at some of the best Australia companies in the travel industry. Because we produce some of the best trained graduates in the industry, employers are very familiar with us and this gives our graduates a massive competitive edge in the job market. This is the reason why 98% of our students have secured lucrative jobs in the industry over the past 30 years.

The college gives the students the knowledge, skills and experience to work as highly effective travel agent consultants.  Students who undergo the Bill Healy travel agent consultant training get a very broad and expansive knowledge on how to handle airlines, hotels, cruises, car rental companies and resorts amongst other travel product providers in both the Australian and global market and deliver a superior service to customers. This of course expands the scope of opportunities for the Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College graduates and they have the freedom to choose from a broad range of career opportunities in the industry.

The Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College is a proudly Australian company with offices in Sydney, but you can also take the travel courses in other Australian cities such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Queensland and Tasmania or opt to take the travel and tourism courses online.